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Saturday, May 23, 2009


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I wanted to eat another egg for dinner so that I could really tell if it is "situation: pass", which so far it is.

I made one poached egg with three strips of bacon and a cup of hashbrowns cooked in a tablespoon of olive oil with a quarter cup of shredded cheese.

Since I am being very conscientious with regards to what I am eating, I wish that I had skipped the bacon or only had one or two slices rather than three. I also wish that I had skipped the cheese or only used a tablespoon instead of a quarter cup. I think it took away rather than adding to the taste! Then I would have saved enough calories to have a second egg and still have consumed less calories. More protein! I need more protein, it has been decided.

Something to look forward to...

Next Friday, to celebrate that I can drive again and that it is summer, I am going to Charlotte to visit my NC-BFF Meg. We are going to spend the day swimming in the pool at her complex, but we are also going to go get our hair done. Any idea what I should do? It is going to be a reward for being on track with my calories...

Hammy is going to help make dinner.
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The Egg Test

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I really, really hope that the egg thing works out, because that breakfast/lunch was just SO delicious. SO, so, so delicious.

It is 1/2 cup of hash browns (70 calories) with a half a tablespoon of olive oil (60 calories), which I browned up until it was nice and crispy.

I poached an egg (mission: success!) but took it out before the yolk cooked through. The egg is 70 calories and since it is poached there are no extra calories added when cooked. I topped it with a slice of swiss cheese (80 calories) and a slice of honey ham (20 calories).

The total meal, which was so good and something I have missed so badly, was 300 calories.

Yum yum yum yum yum.


...Kickin' my butt.
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Goo Balls!

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1 bag of SmartPop popcorn
3 1/3 cups of mini-marshmallows
3/4 tablespoons of butter
3/4 cup cocoa crispies
1 serving (1/8 bag) Enjoy Life chocolate chips

Melt butter in large pot.
Slowly add and melt in marshmallows.
Turn off heat and slow begin adding in popcorn and cocoa crispies, alternating between the two, folding the goodies in.
Lastly, sprinkle chocolate chips in.

Transfer the mass onto parchment paper and mold into 12 similarly sized balls.

Cool in fridge.

Each "goo ball" will be 85 calories if you use the same measurements I do.

I love how the popcorn is most of the mass but still transfers all the gooey goodness, making it taste like a much more evil snack than it really is. I had two this evening!

This one was all mine. :D