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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ice Cream Float!

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Diet Vernors and Sugar-Free Reduced-Fat Vanilla Ice-Cream.

(aka the only ice cream I can find).

Steak, Rice, Mushrooms, and Biscuit

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sauteed steak, white rice, mushrooms, a biscuit, and orange juice.

i did not finish the rice, but dude, i chowed everything else down.

Roast Beef, Potatoes, Cheese, and Biscuit

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This is my lunch today. It is leftover potatoes from last night, a cheddar biscuit, 2-3 slices of roast beef, and a couple cubes of cheddar. I also had organic pear lemonade, but I never finished it. Typical Liz!

What I didn't eat...

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As you can see, all that I ate at work this morning was a couple cherries and most of my cottage cheese. I never even opened the carrots. The carrots and cherries went back in the fridge.

Cottage Cheese, Cherries, and Carrots

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This was what I packed to bring to work with me this morning. It was supposed to be breakfast and a morning snack. It is cottage cheese with organic fruit spread, cherries, and carrots with organic hummus. You'll see in the next post that I didn't finish nearly all of it!

Turkey, Peas, Potatoes, and Biscuits!

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This was my dinner last night. It was roasted potatoes with olive oil, oregano, and ground pepper, a turkey "chop", sweet peas, and a cheddar biscuit (amazing, made from rice and tapioca).

Meat, Cheese, Cherries, Rice-Cake, Fruit Spread, and Pickles

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This was my lunch yesterday. It was some pepperoni (label carefully read), cheddar cheese, pickles (again, label carefully read), plain salted rice cake, organic fruit spread, and a couple cherries.

Mobile blog

So, I was just recently diagnosed with multiple food allergies. They range from mild to somewhat severe. I've been put on a new diet by my doctor that excludes: soy, corn, wheat, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts, and sunflower seeds. I'll be on this diet for at least six months.

I've decided to make my new diet "public", and will do my best to take pictures of all of my meals and post them online. Since I'll be posting the picture through my blackberry, it make take a little while before I go back and add in captions.

If you have similar allergies, please drop me a comment! I would love to hear about it.