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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Brownies :)

This mix calls for 3 eggs. Instead I used one banana and a little extra oil. I also mixed up a container of cream cheese with a little sugar and organic raspberry jelly, and swirled it around. As you can see, I sampled one. Gooey but delicious. I will be freezing the rest in single-servings.
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Checkpoint: 65lbs.

Normally I would never, ever in a million years post a picture of myself in a bathing suit. Not for the entire world to see. It was bad enough to be wearing one in public to begin with. But I think it is somewhat important to post today.

This picture was taken in the second week of June, of this year. Just over six months ago. This was the fattest period of my life. In this picture I weighed 332lbs. I liked to pretend that if I acted like nothing was wrong, nobody would know.

This second picture was taken Christmas eve at aunt's house. I weighed 268lbs.

65lbs lost.

I am still fat. Still very fat, in fact. Still fat enough to be considered morbidly obese. I believe. If someone wants to look up my BMI, go for it. I'm 5 foot 8.

But I am getting there. I am pleased to say that my life is much healthier. In this picture, I was mixing up salad dressing in a bowl.

When I saw the picture, I actually said out loud, "wow I do look like I've lost weight".

I never take full-body pictures. I only see them when other people take them. I am usually too ashamed.

But maybe I don't have to be anymore.

My weight is going down everyday.

I am feeling better everyday.

Life is getting easier everyday.

For once, I am actually proud of myself.

** edit: I should also say that my good habits are rubbing off on Mike, too! He has lost 16lbs since that top picture was taken!

Chili and Chops

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This is the white bean apple chili from the "A Year Of CrockPotting" journal. I really enjoy this journal because most of the recipes are gluten-free.

I wish I had served it in a bowl instead of letting it ooze all over my plate :)

I also took this picture before I added in the sharp cheddar shredded cheese. Even after, it didn't come out looking as good as hers did on her blog, but I liked it. It was different, and it was very mild. Before the cheese I almost thought it was too bland, but the sharp cheddar contrasted with the sweet of the chili and I really enjoyed it. I will definitely be eating the leftovers at work.

The porkchops are from a recipe that I got at the grocery store back when I was visiting. They were amazingly delicious! They called for all ingredients that I can eat: pork chops, cumin, salt, pepper, garlic, orange juice, e.v.o.o.. If anybody wants the recipe, let me know... I would be happy to post it.

Mike ate the chili but said it wasn't a recipe he would want to repeat. He agreed that it was much better with the cheese. He loved the pork chops, though, and said he wished we had eaten it with rice so he could have poured the extra sauce onto it.