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Friday, December 26, 2008

Who wants onions? I want onions!

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You can't see the side dish very well, but it is this recipe from the "A Year Of CrockPotting" journal:

I love onions so this is a recipe I was excited about trying. I was sad, though, when our hickville grocery store didn't have enough pearl onions for the entire recipe. I ended up cutting the entire recipe in half. Even with only a pound of onions, it still took me an hour to prep the onions for cooking. For this reason, I probably wouldn't make this recipe again unless it was a special occasion. They were absolutely delicious, though. Sadly, they did not reheat well. Fresh out of the crockpot they were so good that I had to restrain myself to keep from eating the entire batch. The next day the raisins were so rubbery that I just picked the onions out and threw the rest out. I was surprised by how well these ingredients went together, though, and I highly reccomend this as a holiday dish!

(The pork chops were just cooked with salt and rosemary. I was tired.)

We love our crooked little house!

We really do love our crooked little house.
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Driving home on 421.

How do you like those clouds? Gorgeous!!
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I know the focus of the journal is supposed to be my allergy diet and health, but I had made the decision at one point to also make it about living a positive and optimistic life.

I took the picture on my blackberry as I was driving home from Winston-Salem. The clouds moving across the sky and the sun shining through was so gorgeous it just took my breath away, and I was a happy, happy girl as a result, even if only for a few moments.


Gee, and I got this haircut to avoid bedhead!
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Sugar-free Hershey's Syrup!

From Janet :)
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I have tried other diabetic syrups and things like that, and Hershey's is by far the best. I also recently discovered that I can have the coffee flavored Breyer's all-natural ice-cream, and this is the perfect topper!

It is funny how simple things are so much better now that these allergies have given me a new appreciation.

BTW, if you are wondering, regular chocolate syrup usually has both soy lechetin (sp?) and high fructose corn syrup in it.

Thank you, Janet, for remembering how hard it is for me to find this in the boonies where we live!



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Dinner is cooking.
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Christmas day. No, I don"t smoke.
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Mike and his parents.
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