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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Diet Update

Weigh-in = 261.6
DOWN 0.8 pound since last week!!
DOWN 70.4 since I started my weight-loss journey. Finally can say 70lbs!

The bad news is that I didn't even lose a whole pound this week. My weight had gone up and then back down this week, so the number looked low until I actually compared it with last week's weigh in and realized that it was less than a pound. Also, as of this morning I am not on track to make my goal. I am not horribly far off, but I am not on track. That's not acceptable. Something has to change.

I have not done my measurements. I will make a separate post about my measurements once I have taken them, but I forgot and got dressed this morning and don't have time to get undressed again before leaving for work.

#1 Lower regular calorie days to 1799 (rather than 1814). This does NOT include spike days. -- Achieved. I also only spiked once, because yesterday I just woke up too late and was out too much to meet my calorie limit, let alone spike past it. I may spike today, instead.
#2 Make my spike days higher-calorie and/or fat or just a higher volume of food but DO NOT BE A PIG. -- Achieved! The fact that I SKIPPED A SPIKE DAY speaks for itself.
#3 Work Out. Honor your 30 Day Shred obligation when the DVD arrives (tomorrow?). -- 30 Day Shred didn't arrive as planned, but I still worked out. I did NOT work out as long as I should have, though. Friday I worked out for 2 hours, but a few days I didn't even work out at all. I will say, though, that I am STILL SORE from working out!

#1 Bring my Wii Fit clock up to 10:00hrs. Right now it is at about 5:00hrs.
#2 Begin rounding up on everything I eat. This means leveling off every scoop or cup, or adding extra food to my food log to make up for it.
#3 Lower regular calorie days to 1750.

Questions for my readers:
#1 Do you have a blog I have never commented on? Please reply and let me know. If I have commented it most likely means I have you bookmarked, and I check my bookmarked blogs every day or two.
#2 What goals do you set for yourself every week?
#3 What is your weight, goal weight, and calorie intake goal?