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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Plain (Salted) Rice Cakes and Organic Fruit Spread

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If it seems like a lot of spread on top, it's only because I was jealous that there was ice cream cake and I couldn't have any! That is a sweet red wine, which I didn't end up drinking.

Steak and Rosemary Potatoes.

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The biggest steak I've ever almost-finished. It was delicious. The restaurant was nice enough to make one special for me that hadn't been marinated. You know it's good beef when all it is seasoned with is salt and pepper and it is still amazing. The potatoes are just seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper, and rosemary. They were cooked with olive oil, the restaurant assured me. It was a great meal. The leftovers will go into a salad as soon as I pick up some lettuce.

The best part? I think I can duplicate those yummy potatoes pretty easily!

Big Boring Rice-Cake

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There was nothing else to eat in my desk, and I was soo hungry!

Roast Beef, Cheese, Biscuit, and Mushrooms!

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Okay, problem today! When I came home on lunch, I planned to make an herb salad. I also planned to pack the rest of the salad to bring to Charlotte with me tonight. (I am sleeping at a friend's tonight and am going to bring my own food). So I ended up chowing on odds and ends from the fridge... the tail ends of the cheese and the lunchmeat, a couple mushrooms. A friend commented this morning that there isn't enough green in my diet, and he's right, so I will make sure to get more salad and veggies before I come back home. That was also my last biscuit, and believe me when I say that I am going to miss them!

Cherries, V8, and String Cheese!

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Breakfast and snacks for the day. Yes, those are the same cherries and carrots that I didn't eat yesterday!

Problem: I was eating the cherries and v8 today and got hives and my mouth got itchy and swollen. I wonder - is it the cherries? or is it something in the v8? "Natural Flavors" = Soy?

Also, the carrots got nasty sitting around for so long. I went to eat them in the afternoon and ended spitting them out into a napkin.

I hate soy!


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