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Monday, December 29, 2008


I know a lot of bloggers guard their privacy fiercely.

No last names.
No employer names.
No hint of where they live,
where they're from,
what they look like...

not me.

Here, our new house on Google maps.

You can play around to look at us from different angles.

Goodbye, anonymity.

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Out of the closet...

I wrote recently about how excited I was to be getting my closet all fixed up. Last night Mike took that annoying extra rod out of my closet. Today I picked up some of those cheap plastic stick-on hooks at Lowe's (yay Lowe's!) and I stuck a bunch of them on the closet wall. They came out horribly crooked, but I am still happy. I may get even more of them. I like the way I can see so much just at a glance. Obviously I am not done yet, but I thought I would make a quick post about how happy I am with my big closet!

If anyone has any advice for how I could utilize the space in here better, I would LOVE some advice for reasonably priced options.