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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nightly Update

What I ate:

6 slices of lunchmeat pepperoni = 140 calories
2 servings of Glutino crackers = 280 calories
2+ servings* garlic hummus = 133 calories
1/2 cup Fruity Dyno-Bites = 74 calories
2oz Cool Whip Light = 40 calories
1 cup shredded lettuce = 8 calories
2/3 cup shredded carrots = 30 calories
2/3 cup broccoli florets = 20 calories
1/4 medium red onion = 11 calories
1+ cup* shredded chicken = 290 calories
4 tablespoons blue cheese dressing = 260 calories
1/2 cup bargain brand chocolate ice cream = 130 calories

*when a serving seemed to be a little more generous than intended, and I added a little extra to the calorie count

Total Calories: 1,415
Bravo: My skin seems to be improving. For some background, about two months ago I saw a new doctor (in my own town, so I wouldn't have to drive an hour) and had her write me a bunch of prescriptions. One of the prescriptions that she re-wrote was my birth control rx. Now, my epilepsy medications interact with birth control, causing a few issues. For this reason, I need a HIGH ESTROGEN birth control pill. I have always been on ortho-cyclen and it has always worked out. My new doctor wrote the rx for ortho-cyclen, but there is no generic version of it. The pharmacy has been giving be tri-nessa, with is the generic of ortho TRI cyclen, which is a LOW ESTROGEN pill. I looked it up online and found: Not only can an imbalance cause adult acne, but also can cause depression (too little estrogen affects seratonin --- too much progesterone can also cause depression symptoms). Sooo I called my doctor. My request was simple -- write "fill as is for medical reasons" on the RX so that they couldn't give me a generic. Of course, it took a full day of phone calls to get that fixed, because the stupid, stupid doctor's office kept insisting that I was already on it (not acknowledging the generic issue no matter how many times I said it), but they finally got it. Then I had to wait for my cycle to finish. But it's been a week now that I've been on the right pill, plus I have been VERY VERY strict about taking care of my skin and using all my washes and lotions and peels, and I can see a DEFINITE improvement. Here, pictures, just for you.

About ten days ago:

Today, there are some marks, but they aren't raised anymore. I hope it doesn't take too long for the red spots to go away. If anyone has any advice on this, I would love it. I should mention that I am really happy that I finally got my eyebrows done a week ago. I plan to take much better care of them from now on. It's amazing how much better I feel about myself when I don't look like a grizzly bear.

Boo: I didn't work out today. I didn't pig out either, though. I wish I had more energy. I have no idea why I am always SO tired and never feel like doing ANYTHING.

Weight On Goal?: Technically, no. I weighed myself this morning after two days restricting calories and I GAINED six pounds. I don't buy it. It takes an ACCESS of 3,500 calories to gain ONE pound. For this reason, I can only assume it is water and will go away itself.

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