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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Daily Goals

My daily goal is to keep my daily calorie intake under 1800 calories. Ideally, I would like to be under 1500, but that seems a little unrealistic... especially after the last two months of pigging out have got my body CRAVING sugar and carbohydrates.

I want to be a good wife when the time comes. As of today, I am $4,367.48 in debt. This does NOT include my car, which is TECHNICALLY Mike's debt... since Mike bought the car FOR me and makes all the payments on it. Now, I do pay all of our rent, which is the monetary equivilant, but he still pays more bills than I do. He also pays every time we go out, etc. Now, he has an awesome (810) credit score (which is why my car loan is under his name), and I have debt that I am getting nowhere with. I am going to BRING HIM DOWN. So, my goal for money is as follows...

I have a list on my blackberry of every credit card bill that I have, as well as our rent, cable bill, and my car insurance. On this list I also have a running tally of my debt.

I have always checked this list before every payday and paid the bills that were due, usually trying to pay a little extra. This has not been easy, since I don't make very much, but has been easier over the last nine months since Mike and I moved in together.

Basically, nothing is more important than paying off my debt. No, not saving. I don't need to save when my debt is piling up at a 26% (yes, my worst card is 26.99%). I need to pay it off.

So every single day I am logging in and checking my balances and due dates. Every single day I will do SOMETHING towards fixing it. This is hard to explain without sounding especially neurotic, but those of you who achieve by obsessing, like I do, might understand.

Keeping a daily log of my debt TOTAL has been scary. I don't USE my credit cards. If I run out of money completely and need something, Mike would rather buy it for me than see me charge it... so I haven't used my cards in a long long time. So how is my debt rising by as much as a hundred bucks every pay period? Scary, scary stuff.

I am hoping to keep my changes updated, to keep myself motivated.

OK, now, I also plan to work work work on my skin as part of my "self-beautifying" movement. I will post pictures of that. I am already seeing an improvement, because I have been obsessing... even washing my face and applying cream at work.

I will try to post daily. The truth is though that these updates can't be done from blackberry, and my laptop really really does stink... so we will see how easy it is.

I need a new laptop. So bad.

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