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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Diet Update!

Weigh-in = 258.2
DOWN 2 pounds since last week!!
DOWN 73.8 pounds since I started last summer.

#1 Try again to bring Wii Fit clock up to 10:00hrs. -- Totally failed. Totally.
#2 Bring daily calories down to 1725 for regular days. -- Absolutely achieved.
#3 Keep rounding up on the calories. I think I can do better, though I am on the right track. -- Pretty much achieved.

I am back on track for making my goal.

Also, YAY for being back on track to make my 7/19 goal of 255lbs. I want to be at the lowest weight possible when I go on vacation on 7/24. I will be seeing a lot of people I haven't seen in a very, very long time... and yes, I want to feed my ego. I won't even lie about it.

I am including my weight-loss goal chart and my body measurements chart. I don't think I have been taking measurements long enough to really know if I am shrinking. I think it will be months before the daily fluctuations and changes in measuring spots evens out and a downward trend can really be visible.

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