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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Planned Cheat Days

Every once in awhile I have "planned cheat days". Yesterday was one of them.

I do not want to take these days away from myself. As long as they are few and far between, I think it is OK with a few "ground rules". Would you guys agree? My thing is that with my allergies, I miss out on SO MUCH already. Why should I miss special occasions?

I had a "planned cheat day" yesterday, and I did not gain today. I am pretty happy about that.

So... holidays, vacations, and the rare trip away from home. Does that sound fair? Also maybe birthdays or other restaurant celebrations. These would happen only once every few weeks IF EVEN. In July's case it would be 4th of July and vacation, which would be a weeklong event. But but but, for vacation I would also be swimming for hours everyday, so I am not worried about weight gain.

Rules would be...

#1 Don't eat more than you are hungry for. This means, seriously consider going back for seconds.
#2 Still make healthy decisions, even if the calories aren't being counted. This means 2% cheese, eggbeaters vs. eggs, low-fat vs. full fat, etc etc etc. This will especially matter on vacation. I still plan to enjoy a couple of my mother's fried eggs, but I will be packing the eggbeaters so I will still have healthy options to choose from.
#3 Don't pig out. This is a repeat of rule number one, but my biggest downfall is always eating my way into a stomachache that lasts for days. I don't have any regret today for yesterday, even though honestly I probably ate 3000 calories. I didn't pig out.

That's all, folks.

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