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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Night Diet Update #2

Weigh-in = 265.6
Down .4 this week.
Down 66.4 since I started my adventure last July.
Down 7.4 since I started counting calories recently.
I am ON GOAL (barely) to meet my goal of 249lbs by July 25th.

I took my measurements today. Not much has changed except my neck somehow grew by an inch. I do not believe this, and think I probably typed my inches in wrong last time.

I had a rough week. My weight went up, and went up again. I was very, very scared that I would have to report to my three readers that my weight went up this week, but my hard work caught up to me at the last moment. I would have liked tot have lost more than that, but I'll take it.

Yes, I made my calorie goal EVERY SINGLE DAY this week.

I have decided that on Sunday nights when I do my "diet update" I am also going to include a list of goals for the week. Note that this is a list for the week only, and not permanent goals. Yet.

#1 Three meals a day.
#2 Three bottled waters, or the equivalent - 60 oz - per day.
#3 Eating at work must be limited to my lunch hour and my two breaks. No more mindless eating because call volume is stressing me.
#4 Stay on track with my calorie goal of 1890 per day.

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