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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Diet Update.

Weigh-in = 256.6
DOWN 1.6 pounds since last week!!
DOWN 75.4 POUNDS!***

***I finally hit the 75lb mark. This is very exciting!

I am on track for making my goal, exactly. I am not ahead. I am a little nervous because goal date is next week! I need to do everything I can to make goal early (1.6 more pounds!) and maintain it for the rest of the week.

I have also realized that I never made goals for this week. Whoops. It's lucky for me, though, because I was ragging this past week and didn't do much of anything.

For the next week I want to really work on my calories and get a couple workouts in.


Mer (Lulu's Mommy) said...

tim did the shred last night


BB said...

congratulations :) good luck on reaching your next goal, keep us updated!

always, BB