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Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Sunday Night Diet Update!!

Weigh-in = 262.2
DOWN 2.2 pound since last week!!
Down 69.8 since I started my weight-loss journey. I really thought that today I would get to say 70! Boo!

Here is my big news: My BMI is now down to 39.87. You know what that means? I am now obese, rather than severely/morbidly obese. To those of you that have never been "morbidly obese", this probably doesn't sound like much - but those of you like me who have been SO overweight for SO long, please join me in a self-indulgent fist pump!

Last week I stated: "This week I seem to have lost an inch from my waist and an inch-plus from my hips. I refuse to celebrate that until I get the same measurements a second week!" -- I got those measurements a second week! I also seem to be going down in some other places, but up in my forearms (which may be from the handweights that I have been using while I watch TV this week).

I am ON TRACK for my new goal of reaching 255lbs by 7/19.

#1 Water and vitamins. -- Achieved!
#2 Keep up with my calorie goal, allowing for a "spike" day every three days. Try to follow spike days with a lower-calorie day. No spike days if there was a cheat within the day or two before. This is to keep my metabolism guessing. -- Achieved!
#3 Use the Wii Fit at least twice. -- Unachieved :(

#1 Lower regular calorie days to 1799 (rather than 1814). This does NOT include spike days.
#2 Make my spike days higher-calorie and/or fat or just a higher volume of food but DO NOT BE A PIG.
#3 Work Out. Honor your 30 Day Shred obligation when the DVD arrives (tomorrow?).

OKAY EVERYONE, Now tell me about your achievements for the week!


X.I.R said...

Good for you! Congrats on your weight loss. My goals for this week are to work out vigorously 8-9 times this week, log all my food and only weigh myself 3 times this week instead of everyday. :)

Keep up the good work and good luck with your goals!

elizabethx said...

8-9 Times! Wow. How many hours do you get in every week?