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Sunday, June 14, 2009


I was just reading another diet blog, where they posted about feet that grew during a pregnancy. It reminded me that I meant to blog about this before.

I have lost at least a shoe size. Luckily, my sneakers, peep-toes, and flats all still fit just fine... but my sandals and flip-flops were all a loss when I brought them out of storage. Probably because those are shoes with straps that can be stretched out.

Anyway, the new shoes that I have bought for this summer are all 9s or 9 1/2s. The ones I got rid of were all 9 1/2s, 10s, and 10 1/2s.

Also, when I was a teenager I remember having a vein on my foot that popped out and wiggled around and was a little "cringe-worthy" that I poked at a lot. It dissapeared one day. It never occurred to me that it was still there, covered in fat. I noticed yesterday that "creepy vein" is back, and have resumed giving it a shuddering poke every few hours. :P

My mother says that weight makes your feet spread out, rather than just feet getting "fat". I'd love to hear if anyone else has had any experiences, and if I should expect my feet to shrink anymore. I bought four pairs of sandals for the summer, and hope they last more than just a year. Then again, the smaller my feet get, the easier it will be to find cute shoes in the future.


Mer (Lulu's Mommy) said...

at 160 i was an 8.5 at 236 i was a 9.5

cdix0701 said...

Funny, I was just talking to a friend this weekend about the growth of my feet from a 51/2 to 7 1/2 due to putting on weight over the years. I look forward to that going down with the weight.

elizabethx said...

We can all look forward to taking off the weight. cdix, thanks for commenting!

CinciMom11 said...

I went from 200 to 285 while pregnant, and my shoe size went from 11 to 11.5. None of my heels fit!!!

I wore the same size at 200 as I did at 160.