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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Night Diet Update #3

Weigh-in = 266.0
UP .4 since last week.
Down 66 since I started my weight-loss journey.

I am no longer on track to make my goal of 249lbs by July 25th. I am not too far off, though. I re-calculated my maximum daily calorie intake and have a new goal of 1,814 calories per day. It had been 1890.

My measurements haven't changed yet except going up or down such small amounts that it is most likely due to shifts in where I am taking the measurements.

Those two days I took off from counting calories were a mistake. I have proven to myself that without rules, I cannot trust myself. Lesson learned. Next time I take a day or two off, I am still setting ground rules. It shouldn't happen again for awhile, though.

#1 Three meals a day. -- Not achieved every single day due to my trip away from home, but I did very, very good at this.
#2 Three bottled waters, or the equivalent - 60 oz - per day. -- Achieved quite a few days, which was a massive improvement. I have been peeing every five minutes.
#3 Eating at work must be limited to my lunch hour and my two breaks. No more mindless eating because call volume is stressing me. -- COMPLETELY ACHIEVED
#4 Stay on track with my calorie goal of 1890 per day. -- PARTIALLY ACHIEVED -- Every day that I counted my calories I made goal.

#1 Continue with the water goal.
#2 Continue with the new calorie goal.
#3 Get at least one good workout in.
#4 Eat a fruit and a vegetable every day.

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Mer (Lulu's Mommy) said...

bought myself a couple water bottles (autoseal) and they have been one of the best htings i did. i add a propel packet or protein water packet, it's a 32 oz bottle so if i fill it two times, i took in the water i needd. i seem to have more energy and better weight loss when i take in my water.