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Sunday, December 28, 2008

An ode to leftovers.

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Lately, I have fallen in love with cooking again. Cooking is fun. I love cooking for my boyfriend, too. I love knowing that in a small way, I am helping someone I love lead a healthier life. I enjoy cooking for company. I secretly beam inside when friends compliment my cooking. I squirrel away every compliment and comment (such as my father saying my mother should make her chili more like mine!) for a self-esteem rainy-day. But you know what I love the most? Leftovers. Anyone with serious food allergies can tell you how hard it can be to find simple things to eat for breakfast and lunch. The answer? LEFTOVERS! It makes me feel like such a happy little homemaker to open my fridge and and see all those pretty tupperware containers, begging me to choose them for my lunch! It also makes me feel smart and responsible to pack our (my and my boyfriends) lunch bags every morning with a balanced and healthy meal. Saves us countless pennies in the canteen. Saves him calories, because he'll go get lunch at McDonald's if I don't pack him something tasty. And it makes me happy when people sniff the air in the break room at work when I am eating my lunch, and tell me "oh! I am so jealous!" and then look at their frozen meal with disdain! Yes, I do love me some leftovers!

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