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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Clothes, clothes, everywhere...

In the new house, I have what can only be described as an absolutely humungous closet. I do believe I have posted pictures of it before, and therefore I will not subject you to them again.

I have a clothes rod at least eight feet long. Probably closer to ten. I have a huge shoe rack. I have plastic stacking shelves dedicated to pajamas, underpants, bras, bathing suits, socks, and other various items such as fashion scarves and belts that cannot be hung up. Would you believe me if I told you that all of my clothing does not fit in this closet? Well, it's true. I have filled that closet. I have piles of vacume-bagged clothes in one of the storage closets upstairs full of clothes that are too small and will probably skip right over to being too big, as the problem is length and I don't seem to be getting any shorter. (It doesn't seem likely that I can be a size 20 on bottom and a 30/32 top can still be too small. I don't think weight loss will ever make them long enough.) The 30 foot clothes rod in the laundry room is quickly filling up with my washed clothes, as there is nowhere in the closet to put them.

And yet, I seem to wear the same clothes over and over again. Most of these clothing items that take up space and never get worn are either unflattering, out of style, or don't match anything.

So, I am starting a new project. I have put a large box in my closet, and written "donate" on it. I am going to promise myself that from now on, I will wear something out of the closet everyday. I will not start re-filling the closet with washed clothes from the laundry room until I have actually run out of a certain type of clothes, such as work pants or jeans. If I put on a piece of clothing, such as a shirt, and decide that it isn't good enough to wear that day, then I will immediate drop it into the "donate" box. I will also promise myself to make an effort to try on the clothes that are marked "too small" on a very regular basis. Nothing is sadder than trying on a cute skirt, for example, that you have been saving for years to find that it is TOO BIG, and you missed your window of opportunity.

Also, maybe I can stop looking like a homeless person all the time, dressed in clothes that are hanging off of me in flappy and unfashionable ways!

More resolutions, New Year's and others, to come!

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