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Monday, July 14, 2008

There's a Cookie Under There

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There is one of those gluten-free chocolate cookies under there. They are only good with cream because they are dry. I think that my sweet-tooth is mostly gone, because this time I didn't notice that it isn't as good as "real" desserts like I did before. I just thought it was a great treat.

Why have I been SO hungry today??


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Anonymous said...

It is likely that you are experiencing an increase in appetite due to withdrawals. When you remove foods you are allergic to from your diet, your system still has to go through the process of removing the rest of the toxins from your system. This may cause you to have similar symptoms to actually eating the offending foods for a while. It usually lasts a week or two. To avoid overeating, when you know you've recently eaten a meal (within 3 hours) and are still famished, try drinking an extra glass of water. It puts something in your stomach and helps to flush out the toxins faster. While you are still in withdrawals, try to stick mainly with foods that will give you a good balance of complex carbs and lean protien. Avoid sugars and simple carbohydrates.