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Thursday, July 2, 2009


Another weight-loss blog that I read says that it is important to write a list of reasons for losing weight, and review it often.

Here is my list, which I plan on adding to:

#1 So that I don't have to exclude myself from activities that I can't keep up with.
#2 So that I never have to worry about being too heavy for a chair or an amusement park ride.
#3 So that I can be more attractive to the man who loves me.
#4 So that I can buy more clothes more often and look good in them.
#5 So that I can have more confidence.
#6 So that I can succeed at work.

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Mer (Lulu's Mommy) said...

Here are some of my reasons:

High Cholesterol

High Insulin / Pre-Diabetes/ Insulin Resistance

Feet / Plantar Fasciitis/ Achilles Tendonitis

To be confident in pictures

To fit in clothes in a regular store

To not have a double chin

To touch my toes

To be able to go to the park with Lulu and keep up

To lace up shoes with no problem

To be able to go in a playscape with no problems for Lulu