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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Diet Update

Weigh-in = 260.2
DOWN 1.4 pounds since last week!!
DOWN 71.8 pounds since I started last July.

Now, I want to mention again that I had three VERY bad days this week. My weight spiked over twelve pounds and I was in such total pain that I could NOT work out or do anything much other than complain.

#1 Bring my Wii Fit clock up to 10:00hrs. Right now it is at about 5:00hrs. -- totally unachieved. I have an excuse for three or four days, but other than that I just didn't get it done.
#2 Begin rounding up on everything I eat. This means leveling off every scoop or cup, or adding extra food to my food log to make up for it. -- mostly achieved, but I can work harder on that.
#3 Lower regular calorie days to 1750. -- One day I got depressed and ate an extra two hundred calories. Besides that, and my spike days, I kept it under 1750.

#1 Try again to bring Wii Fit clock up to 10:00hrs.
#2 Bring daily calories down to 1725 for regular days.
#3 Keep rounding up on the calories. I think I can do better, though I am on the right track.

Also, I wanted to say that I am technically NOT on track to make my goal, but I am VERY close. For this reason, even though my "rule" is to adjust my goal if I am not acieving for two straight weeks, I am going to stick with it.

Here is a chart to show you just how close:

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