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Friday, June 19, 2009


I didn't post about this originally, because I didn't want to share my stress with my readers and I didn't want to have to post about rejection if it happened, but... I applied for a "pro" position at work a month ago. I interviewed two and a half weeks ago and have been extremely stressed out ever since then. I had interviewed for the position in the past and been rejected, so I was very nervous. I knew that if I didn't get it, it would mean a rough couple months (at the very least) ahead, because I have been getting burned out on my job and just wouldn't handle the rejection well because I would only have myself to blame. I had a good feeling after the interview, but was worried because I WAS nervous and was scared that they could tell. But I also felt good after the interview when I was rejected, so I didn't put much stock in my own reflections! But to make a story that is already too long short, I was offered the promotion yesterday and jumped on it. It will be a 15% raise, which is awesome, and it is a position that will be a much, much better opportunity for advancement in the future. I also think that I will be happier with the change. I am not sure when I will get to start, because there are a few issues with covering the queues I answer. (The entire call center is trained to answer certain queues, but then there are other queues where additional training is required... I am trained on additional queues, so they will need to train other agents before they can afford to lose me during those time slots.) There is also my vacation coming up in July and I begged them to work around it so that I don't have to worry about it.

So, that's where I am today. It's my day off and I can actually completely relax. I have some errands to run. Last Friday I took Mike's guitar to a shop in Statesville to get it fixed for his birthday, and today I am going to go pick it up. I also have a great coupon for Kohl's and Mike got a gift card for Christmas that he never used, so I am going to go stop by there and find some clothes for him. I may also look at bathing suits. I also was hoping to go to Winston-Salem tonight and go to Target and Ed McKay's, the awesome used book store. I also have plans to lift weights at Brian's, but I am going to ask if he would like to go to Winston with me instead. If he says no, though, I am going to honor my obligation to work out! (If he said yes, just FYI, I am still planning on getting a private workout in today!)

How is everyone else doing on this Friday?

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