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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Belly Attacks

After watching some YouTube clips of the workout video, I noticed that there were a lot of jumping jacks. I haven't done a jumping jack in years. I decided to clear some space and do a few jumping jacks, just to remind myself what it was like.

My stomach, which is very large and loose and flabby since I have lost four sizes off of it, immediately started flopping up and down. I was literally slapping myself with it. It made this horrible farting noise as it moved. Like the sound adolescent boys make with their hands in their armpits. Fwoot fwoot fwoot.

I am so mortified. Also, I cannot keep doing that. It hurt, it was uncomfortable.

I hope I can find some high-waisted spandex shorts in my size or something. A sports bra for my stomach.

Any suggestions?

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