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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby steps to a healthier, happier, (and prettier) life.

There are things that should be a part of my routine... but aren't. I am embarrassed enough to say that even basic things get skipped over. So, I have decided to keep a check-list to check off before I go to work in the morning, and before I go to bed at night. I think that I will be happier if I do them, even if at the time I would rather stay in bed or watch television.

Here is my list. Amendments will be made, I am sure.

coffee and a real breakfast
empty the dishwasher
use the wii fit even if just to check in
blow-dry hair
firming lotion on top half of body
gradual tanner on legs
load car with things "to go" (recylcing, donations, etc.)
make lunch

get one thing out of the car that doesn't belong or one bag of trash
check water intake for the day
charge ipod
"30 minute shred"
check laundry/no wet clothes
wash face
brush teeth
put on acne lotion
quick teeth whitening
lotion up feet/put on socks
update blog
kitchen - cleaner than when woke up
bathroom - cleaner than when woke up
bedroom - cleaner than when woke up
water plants
run the dishwasher

I will be making quick updates to say if I had any short-comings.

I started halfway through the day today, but what I could do was achieved EXCEPT the water intake. I only had 3 bottled waters today instead of 4. I didn't want to pee all night so I decided to skip it.

Goodnight, internets. It is way past my bedtime.

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