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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Trader Joe's Rice Bowls.

I was thrilled to find these microwavable rice bowls at Trader Joe's. I got them in the garlic and the mushroom flavors. It's nothing but rice noodles, rice bran oil, and non-mysterious seasonings. I was a happy camper!

In not-so-happy news, I got sick every day for the last three days. Awful gastro-pains and gas. Gas? That never happens to me, not since I stopped eating foods that make me sick. The only consistent thing about those three days is that I had pork tenderloin each day. Not the same one, either. I cooked pork tenderloin three days in a row. Yeah, so sue me. But really, I was pretty miserable. Could I be allergic to pork tenderloin and not regular porkchops???