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Monday, December 29, 2008

Out of the closet...

I wrote recently about how excited I was to be getting my closet all fixed up. Last night Mike took that annoying extra rod out of my closet. Today I picked up some of those cheap plastic stick-on hooks at Lowe's (yay Lowe's!) and I stuck a bunch of them on the closet wall. They came out horribly crooked, but I am still happy. I may get even more of them. I like the way I can see so much just at a glance. Obviously I am not done yet, but I thought I would make a quick post about how happy I am with my big closet!

If anyone has any advice for how I could utilize the space in here better, I would LOVE some advice for reasonably priced options.


Marybeth G said...

If you have room at the top of your closet, put in some shelves, you can put purses up there and other things you dont need.

Also, look online ( for jewelry organizers and other types. I use a shoe organoizer for the back of my closet for headbands, belts,umbrella, small purses, gloves,etc. My favorites pins and barrettes get attached.
I'll send you a pic

elizabethx said...

Thanks MB! I would love to see pics. I am going to put shelves up over the clothing-side. I need someplace to display or put all those pocketbooks that are all over the place.

Marybeth G said...

Ya' know it's too bad you don't have room in there for an open bookshelf, like a tall one.
You could fold sweaters in it and on the bottom incorporate your shoe holder or other drawers.
I want a big closet. I'll video mine and put I'll put on my utube for you.

elizabethx said...

that would be really awesome. if i did that, though, there would be no room to walk inside!

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