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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Checkpoint: 65lbs.

Normally I would never, ever in a million years post a picture of myself in a bathing suit. Not for the entire world to see. It was bad enough to be wearing one in public to begin with. But I think it is somewhat important to post today.

This picture was taken in the second week of June, of this year. Just over six months ago. This was the fattest period of my life. In this picture I weighed 332lbs. I liked to pretend that if I acted like nothing was wrong, nobody would know.

This second picture was taken Christmas eve at aunt's house. I weighed 268lbs.

65lbs lost.

I am still fat. Still very fat, in fact. Still fat enough to be considered morbidly obese. I believe. If someone wants to look up my BMI, go for it. I'm 5 foot 8.

But I am getting there. I am pleased to say that my life is much healthier. In this picture, I was mixing up salad dressing in a bowl.

When I saw the picture, I actually said out loud, "wow I do look like I've lost weight".

I never take full-body pictures. I only see them when other people take them. I am usually too ashamed.

But maybe I don't have to be anymore.

My weight is going down everyday.

I am feeling better everyday.

Life is getting easier everyday.

For once, I am actually proud of myself.

** edit: I should also say that my good habits are rubbing off on Mike, too! He has lost 16lbs since that top picture was taken!


Girl Afraid said...

Liz you look awesome! You always did to me anyway. No matter what you weight I think you're gorgeous! Happy Holidays!

elizabethx said...

Thank you so much!!! In that first picture, though, I look like it is a struggle just to stand up straight. Nothing gorgeous about that.

**Note that I am in no way saying that other fatties aren't gorgeous. Just that it was NOT working for me.

Kyle said...

Hey Liz, mucho congrats! I wish I had the determination you have.

I hope 2009 brings you a ton of joy and happiness.

elizabethx said...

Kyle, thank you for the kudos! They are much appreciated. I hope the same for you and yours :)

Chris said...

Bravo!!!!! You are an inspiration to us all. You have an upbeat spirit and such a great attitude. You make those that have fallen off the wagon want to get back on. I'll be checking back on yea. Have a Happy New Year!!!!!

elizabethx said...

Thank you so much, Chris! Believe me when I say I have fallen off the wagon in the past more times than I can count. This tune around is the first time that I've actually realized that I'm worth it, and worth more than what I've treated myself like in the past.

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