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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Dinner

I cooked christmas dinner all by myself!!! Are you proud?
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For Christmas dinner I made:

-my favorite bread in the breadmaker. No, it was not allergy-safe and although I enjoyed the smell of it cooking, I did not eat it. This is, quite possibly, the simplest and most delicious bread ever, so if you don't have allergies and own a breadmaker, let me know if you would like the recipe. Mike's father ended up taking the leftovers home with him, quite happily.

-green beans. I cooked fresh green beans in a pan with some butter, a little diced onion, garlic, and raw almonds. I thought they came out delicious. Mike even ate a little, and his mother acted like it was a Christmas miracle.

-corn. Plain old corn with just a little butter and salt. I can't eat corn, so I didn't bother with anything fancy.

-baked beans. I got the recipe from the "A Year Of CrockPotting" blog. Boy oh boy were those ever delicious. I highly reccomend making them. They were easy, and delicious. I put the link at the bottom of the page. I cooked them with bacon (I read the packages very carefully to make sure the bacon is cured in a way that I can eat it, and even then it sometimes gives me a belly ache). The bacon can stay in the pot because when you stir it up it falls apart, and it is edible. It does not have to be discarded if you don't want to, and yes, it was nice and moist!

-mashed potatoes. To please the masses these are just plain old mashed potatoes with salt, pepper, milk, and butter.

-ham. I could not eat the glaze that came with it so I glazed it with maple syrup, honey, vinegar, dry mustard, and brown sugar. It wasn't as attractive as it could have been but it tasted damn good!

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